SoClean Wins Second Place Innovative HME Retail Product Award

P  R  E  S  S    R  E  L  E  A  S  E

Jessica Cormier
Director of Marketing


SoClean Wins Second Place Innovative HME Retail Product Award

Oxford, MA (November 7, 2016) — SoClean was recognized as the second-place winner of the 2016 Innovative HME Retail Product Award at Medtrade. The Innovative HME Retail Product Award is a biannual award that recognizes value-add products that contribute to retailers’ bottom line. SoClean was one of many entries narrowed down to the top eight candidates by a panel of judges and was later recognized as a top three winner.

“All of us at SoClean are very proud of the recognition,” said Mike Schmidt, President of SoClean Inc. “and even more proud to revolutionize the CPAP cleaning chore with the SoClean 2. We feel very confident that our product encourages users to maintain clean and sanitized CPAP equipment while bringing a value-added, cash-sale product for the HME retail environment.”

“Winning second place is truly a humbling experience and one that we don’t take for granted,” said Chris Bishop, Director of Sales and Business Development of SoClean Inc. “When you consider the vast array of other devices and products that are showcased at MedTrade, being chosen to present our product to the panel of judges and industry peers was exciting to say the least. The entire Sales and Marketing team came together to prepare a concise 3-minute presentation. When the time came to present we focused on several key factors: - market opportunity– innovation - price point – quality and design of retail packaging - merchandising tools - marketing campaigns designed to help the HME reach the end user - competitive advantages - Industry compatibility for HME retail, and - training tools for stores sales staff.

This award is a true testimony to our product: SoClean. It reinforces that our device is one of the most innovative in the industry. SoClean addresses a need for all CPAP patients; the need to keep their equipment sanitized and safe to use every day. Thank you MedTrade, Homecare Magazine and VGM for this experience.”

About SoClean: SoClean is the world's first automated CPAP sanitizer. It is the faster, easier, more effective way to clean CPAP equipment and kills 99.9% of CPAP germs and bacteria in your mask, hose, and reservoir. There is no disassembly, no water, and no harsh chemicals needed.