The Science Behind SoClean

The Science Behind  SoClean

So, why do you need a SoClean?

If left uncleaned, CPAP pathogens can build up in your mask and reservoir. This can cause a variety of health issues, including:

  • Pneumonia
  • Bronchitis
  • Infections
  • Nasal Passage Irritation
  • and more…

The key to the natural sanitation process? Activated Oxygen (Ozone)

Activated oxygen, also known as Ozone (O3), is a safe disinfecting agent that SoClean uses to get rid of CPAP bacteria, mold or viruses inside your CPAP equipment. The generator inside the SoClean breaks down the chemical bond of common oxygen (O2) and allows it to recombine into a new molecule that has three atoms of oxygen instead of two. Activated oxygen has a short life cycle. After being generated it automatically decomposes back to oxygen within two hours.

The SoClean Sanitation Process

How Activated Oxygen Works


Your SoClean generates and pumps the activated oxygen through the supply tube and into your humidifier reservoir. This cleans not only the water, but also the inner walls of your reservoir.


The activated oxygen moves through your CPAP hose As it travels, the activated oxygen reaches every crevice, eliminating all threatening bacteria.


The activated oxygen reaches your mask. The activated oxygen passes into and out of your mask during this step, cleaning it just as it did with your hose and reservoir.


Activated oxygen exits the chamber through a special filter.

This filter converts any excess activated oxygen back into the oxygen that we breathe (O2).

The activated oxygen process:

Destroys any organic matter it comes in contact with

Has a short but powerful life cycle

  • After being generated, activated oxygen reverts back into common oxygen (O2) in about two hours. During that time, it’s strength as a sanitizing agent is unmatched.

Is used as a sanitizing method is used in other industries

  • Such as municipal water purifications, the hotel and food processing industries, and in hospitals

Other information to know

The process is completely automated

  • Complete a one-time setup, place your CPAP mask in the chamber, and shut the lid.

SoClean eliminates 99.9% of CPAP pathogens

The sanitizing process is completely natural – no water or harsh chemicals needed!

  • It only involves that activated oxygen we were talking about.

Only takes 10 minutes of your day

  • Which saves you precious time you can spend elsewhere.

You’re ready to tackle CPAP pathogens

…with your SoClean, the clean way.