How to Get the Best Results from CPAP Machine Therapy

Written by Dr. Robert Rosenberg, DO, FCCP

When it comes to maximizing your results from continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy so that you’re getting better, deeper sleep, it’s best to follow your doctor’s orders. Sleep expert Dr. Robert Rosenberg, who serves as SoClean’s medical advisor, says he stresses to his patients that consistency is of the ultimate importance.


Sleep expert Dr. Robert Rosenberg shares his top CPAP therapy tips

According to Dr. Rosenberg, the following will ensure that sleep apnea sufferers get the most benefit from their CPAP equipment:

1. Use your CPAP every day.

“You need to use it diligently,” says Dr. Rosenberg. “Every day. Don’t skip; don’t use it three or four days a week.”

2. Keep your CPAP equipment on throughout the night.

“We now know that some of the worst episodes of sleep disordered breathing actually occur in the early morning hours just before you wake up,” says Dr. Rosenberg. “So my advice to my patients and to all of you is to use [your CPAP machine], and once you use it, use it regularly.”

3. Use a cleaning system for your CPAP mask and reservoir.

Rosenberg also tells his patients that it’s important to keep their CPAP equipment disinfected to prevent infections. He recommends using an automated cleaning system like SoClean to make the process quick and foolproof.


We wish you well on your journey to better sleep health. If you have any questions about how the SoClean CPAP cleaning machine can make your CPAP therapy easier and more effective, please reach us at or (800) 341-7014.