William Shatner: How the SoClean Has Changed My Life

When William Shatner was diagnosed with sleep apnea ten years ago, he began using a CPAP machine each night. It made a world of difference in his life. But since no one had told him how important it is to regularly clean his CPAP, he was unaware that a dirty CPAP could make him sick.

Then, a friend told Bill he needed to try SoClean, the world’s first automated CPAP cleaner and sanitizer. He became a customer of ours, and an enthusiast about our product, which kills up to 99.9 percent of all CPAP germs and bacteria that can build up in your mask, hose and reservoir.

“I never really understood how important it was to clean my CPAP every day to prevent germs and bacteria,” says Shatner. “That’s why I love my SoClean—it makes it simple to keep the CPAP sanitized.”

Bill was recently named a SoClean spokesperson and ambassador. He is now helping us reach more CPAP users around the world with his SoClean story, which can be viewed below:

As Bill said, SoClean is so easy to use—you just put your mask in, close the lid and walk away. It works on all popular CPAP machines and masks, and you can try it risk-free for 30 nights. Even shipping is free. Buy now or call 1-800-305-3009.