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SoClean and Activated Oxygen FAQs

What you smell is not ozone; the equipment is being oxidized with activated oxygen, and that is what you smell – it is completely safe. Some suggestions to lessen the smell: 1) Make sure you use the neutralizing pre-wash. 2) Increase the cleaning time to 12 minutes for a few weeks, then decrease to 7 minutes. 3) Blow air from your CPAP through your mask for 5 minutes before using it. 4) Do not use fragrance wipes or any fragrance products to clean you CPAP equipment, as this will intensify the smell.
SoClean uses enough ozone to thoroughly sanitize your CPAP equipment and by the time you open the chamber it will have decreased to 0 ppm.
Acrylics, polycarbonate and silicone, which are the primary materials of masks and reservoirs, are completely compatible with activated oxygen cleaning, and have stood up to the use of the SoClean.
The SoClean produces the activated oxygen on its own. Regular oxygen from the air is taken in and converted to activated oxygen, O3, for the sanitizing/cleaning process. The filter in the chamber converts it back to regular oxygen, O2, before it exits the chamber.
Please make sure the SoClean lid is shut securely and that your CPAP cleaner and sanitizer is connected to the SoClean securely. Some ozone molecules may escape into the air, but they will be so dispersed in the volume of air in the room, and will not pose a hazard.