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SoClean CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer FAQs

You should not have to disconnect anything – that is the wonderful thing about the SoClean. Once you have it set up, you can leave it until you have to replace your CPAP hose. In some cases when used with a heated hose adapter, you may have to disconnect the water chamber to fill with water.
Preferably the SoClean cleaner and sanitizer should be level with your CPAP so the flow is easier, but you can put it on a shelf below your CPAP. You will have enough hose length. If you do put it below your CPAP unit, we ask that you periodically look at the check valve assembly to make sure there is no water in the clear tube, as this can harm you SoClean unit. If you do see water, you should replace the check valve assembly.
If you have water in your reservoir, the tube needs to be submerged. In order to get the activated oxygen to clean the water. However, you can also run the SoClean without water in the reservoir.
The small hose would have a minimal effect if any on your CPAP machine air pressure. In rare cases, if you have a BI-PAP or A-PAP machine, a heated hose adapter may be required to ensure proper pressure. The small hose does not act like a leak.
We warranty the SoClean for one year. However, in our testing we simulated running the machine for over 5 years and experienced no issues.
Yes. Once every six months or so (depending on run times), the check valve and the filter need to be replaced. These items are sold together in a kit; the machine is programmed to tell you when these are needed.
The SoClean is designed to stay connected to one CPAP machine. You can clean two CPAP machines; however, you will need to disconnect and reconnect your CPAP equipment. This would be extremely cumbersome and not recommended.
 Yes. Read more about our study here:
Only the CPAP mask with the head gear should be placed into the chamber of the SoClean.
The SoClean Automated Sanitizing Machine is designed to keep your CPAP equipment free from contaminants. The SoClean is not designed to extend the life of your CPAP equipment or accessories.

NOTE: SoClean recommends that CPAP patients adhere closely to the recommended replacement schedule of their CPAP equipment as set forth by their doctor, insurance company, and DME. Deviating from the recommended replacement schedule of a patients CPAP equipment can and will cause problems with a patient benefitting from effective, compliant CPAP therapy.

Why do we say this? Please note a quote from SoundOxygen… “Some people will go through cushions or nose pillows faster regardless of how often or thoroughly they clean them due to the fact that their face produces more oils than others. On the other hand, if someone washes their cushion daily it may “last” for several months. Just because it lasts, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be replaced though. Running shoes are a good analogy for CPAP supplies. One runner runs outdoors, on a trail that is dirty. The other runs on a treadmill. The first runner’s shoes will get dirty in one day, he may wash them and they will become clean but they are still essentially new in their ability provide support and cushioning. However, treadmill runner can run for several years before his shoes begin to look dirty. Yet, their ability to provide support and cushioning is gone even though the shoe looks clean. As time passes, the trail runner can easily know he needs new shoes just by looking. Yet the treadmill runner just needs to try on a pair to fully realize that his shoes are worn out even though they look new. Your CPAP mask can be the same way. Just because it looks clean and keeps a seal doesn’t mean that it doesn’t need to be replaced.”

Please note another quote. This time from CPAP Supply USA… “Many CPAP and BiPAP users don’t realize that most of the supplies associated with sleep therapy are designed to be disposable. Masks, tubing, filters, and head gear are not designed to last extreme amounts of time, and using them past their recommended life span can actually jeopardize your CPAP therapy. Delicate silicone mask cushions can develop leaks, clogged filters can allow dust and pollen to be delivered into your airway, and over-stretched headgear can require extreme tightening, causing pressure point pain.” For guidelines on when to order your CPAP equipment, please see the table below for Medicare’s schedule or call your insurance company to see when you would be eligible for new supplies. (Many insurance companies follow Medicare’s resupply schedule)

Item Replacement Frequency
CPAP Mask Every 3 Months
CPAP Headgears Every 3-6 months
CPAP Tubing Every 3 months
Disposable Filter 2 new filters every month
Non-disposable Filters 2 new filters every 6 months
CPAP Chin strap Every 6 months
Full Face Mask Every 3 months
Oral CPAP Mask Every 3 months
Humidifier Chamber Every 6 months
CPAP Machine Every 3-5 years or as necessary

Allow SoClean to keep your new CPAP mask, tubing, head gear, and water chamber disinfected and safe to use every day. SoClean uses activated oxygen to destroy 99.9% of germs, bacteria, and other pathogens that can harbor in your CPAP equipment. Used once a day the SoClean will keep your CPAP equipment safe and free from contaminates.

SoClean – How to use

The neutralizing pre-wash is intended to use prior to the first use of your SoClean or when introducing new equipment to your CPAP cleaning system to wash your CPAP mask, hose and reservoir. The pre-wash is a fragrance-free hypoallergenic cleaning solution. The pre-wash neutralizes any pre-existing odors from detergents, and removes any residue from the manufacturing process.
The neutralizing pre-wash we send is just fragrance-free dish soap. You should use the pre-wash in the same way that you would use dish soap to wash your CPAP reservoir, hose and mask.
Yes, there should be no problem with a heated humidifier, which is standard on most CPAP machines.
Yes, the SoClean works with or without out a humidifier. If you do not use a humidifier, the SoClean will sanitize the CPAP hose, mask, and headgear.
Distilled water should be used to clean your CPAP, as there are sediment and minerals in the tap water.
Yes, but you will need a heated hose adapter.
We recommend you run the SoClean CPAP cleaner and sanitizer between 5-10 minutes each day. It comes preset at 7 minutes. If you are running your CPAP machine dry (with no water in the humidifier or no humidifier), then you can cut the time down to between 3-5 minutes. If you are experiencing the smell of oxidation, you may increase cleaning time to 12 minutes for a few weeks.
The SoClean chamber has a 5” X 5” opening and is 7” deep. Any CPAP mask under that size will fit.
 Your CPAP equipment is completely sanitized every time you use the SoClean. However, the SoClean will not remove facial oils or dust or other foreign materials. You should hand wash your CPAP equipment with the pre-wash solutions every 5-6 weeks.
The SoClean will inhibit facial oil build-up, but it will not remove the oils. Although the SoClean will sanitize and kill any germs, bacteria or other pathogens on your mask, some inert residue can be left behind. You may need to wipe off your mask from time to time, or even use the pre-wash provided.
It is better to run the SoClean when your CPAP mask is completely dry.
You can refill your reservoir before or after use with the SoClean – it does not really make a difference.
It really is a personal decision; however, you can be assured that each time you run the SoClean, you are sanitizing the water in the humidifier.
It is probably oily reside as addressed above, not from ozone. The mask should be fine after cleaning.