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SoClean Troubleshooting FAQs

 There are two main causes for this message to be displayed, the first cause may be that the side slot plug on the opposite side of where your CPAP hose fits into the SoClean has fallen out. The SoClean will not run unless that side slot plug is in place. The second cause could be that you CPAP hose diameter is not thick enough that when the lid is closed on the SoClean CPAP cleaner and sanitizer to engage the switch, in this case you will need an acrylic sleeve to thicken the diameter of the CPAP hose.
This message indicates that it is time to change your SoClean filter and check valve – it will come on after about six months of normal use. After changing the filter and check valve, please hold down the hourglass button and manual button together until you see a smiley face icon appear on the display screen. When you see the smiley face icon, the message has been cleared and reset.
Sometimes you may experience a strong odor after running the SoClean for the first time. This is a byproduct of the oxidation with activated oxygen of the old materials that may have been used to clean your CPAP equipment in the past, such as vinegar or scented soaps. It may also occur when a new piece of CPAP equipment is introduced to the SoClean for the first time. The odor will decrease with time. To help the odor go away faster, you may increase the cleaning time to 11 minutes for a few weeks and then decrease the time back to 7 minutes. You can also run your CPAP for 10 minutes before using. These steps will help the odor to decrease quicker.