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The SoClean Automated Sanitizing Machine is designed to keep your CPAP equipment free from contaminates. The SoClean is NOT designed to extend the life of your CPAP equipment or accessories. SoClean recommends that CPAP patients adhere closely to the recommended replacement schedule of their CPAP equipment as set forth by their doctor, insurance company, and

Yes, every six months of normal use, the filter and check valve need to be changed. The filter and check valve come together in a kit and can be ordered at this link.

The SoClean will work with most CPAP masks. There are a few full size masks that will not fit in the SoClean. If you have any questions you can call us.

The Soclean will work with most CPAP machines. Please check our compatibility chart.

SoClean is eligible for HSA or FSA in the United States only at this time.

At this time the SoClean is not covered under health insurance.