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Parts and Supplies

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  • CPAP Unscented Mask Wipes

    100% cotton wipes for gently and naturally removing oil and dirt from CPAP masks and equipment.

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  • Replacement Lid Gasket for SoClean 2

    Replacement Lid Gasket

    Replacement gasket for the SoClean 2. This item only needs to be replaced if the original gasket is lost or damaged.

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  • SoClean Acrylic Sleeve for CPAP Hose

    Acrylic Sleeve

    Acrylic Sleeve for SoClean 1 Models.

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  • SoClean 2 Go Sanitizing Bag

    SoClean 2 Go Sanitizing Bag

    Sanitizing bag for the SoClean 2 Go.

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SoClean has discovered counterfeit Cartridge Filter Kits being sold, particularly on Amazon® and eBay®, with check valves and filters, that leak and can cause damage to your SoClean machine or to your property due to water leakage from the counterfeit check valves. Please purchase your Cartridge Filter Kits from SoClean® only. Authentic Cartridge Filter Kits can be purchased from SoClean via multiple online marketplaces, such as Amazon® and eBay® in addition to, however please confirm that the seller of your Cartridge Filter Kit is SoClean, and not any other seller, to ensure the authenticity of your Cartridge Filter Kit. Please contact SoClean immediately if you have had any issues with your Cartridge Filter Kit. Amazon® is a registered trademark owned by Amazon Technologies, Inc. eBay® is a registered trademark owned by eBay, Inc. SoClean® is a registered trademark owned by SoClean, Inc.