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It’s All In Your Head: Sleep Apnea and Brain Functioning

It’s All In Your Head: Sleep Apnea and Brain Functioning

Untreated, sleep apnea is dangerous to your health. It’s no news that sleep apnea has been linked with obesity and heart disease. But a new study, done by researchers at the Baylor College of Medicine, suggests that sleep apnea may place you at risk for stroke.

In the study, researchers closed the airways of sleeping mice thirty times each hour, mimicking the effect of sleep apnea. After a month, researchers found that the functioning of the blood vessels in the brains of the mice had severely decreased, as much as twenty-two percent.

The bottom line? Just a month of moderate, untreated OSA can take a severe toll on the body, impairing the function of cerebral blood vessels. The study highlights the importance of identifying and treating sleep apnea, as well as staying CPAP compliant.

To read more about the Baylor College study, click here:

To watch a CBS news clip about similar research done several years ago, click below:

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