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Minimizing Symptoms of PTSD in Veterans with the Use of Sleep Apnea Therapy

Boston, MA – August 1, 2013 — For military veterans that suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and sleep apnea, treating their sleep apnea with continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy can reduce nightmares, a study* finds.

U.S. Veterans’ medical records have been reviewed by researchers that had been treated in a VA medical center sleep clinic between 2011 and 2012. 

The average numbers of nightmares per week before and after treatment were documented.


After implementing CPAP therapy to the veterans, the use of CPAP led to a significant reduction in the number of nightmares, which was most connected to how well the veterans were in compliance with treatment.

"Patients with PTSD get more motivated to use CPAP once they get restful sleep without frequent nightmares, and their compliance improves," principal investigator Dr. Sadeka Tamanna, medical director of the sleep disorders laboratory at G.V. (Sonny) VA Medical Center in Jackson, Miss., said in an American Academy of Sleep Medicine news release.

Not only is sleep apnea strongly found within military veterans but it is estimated that an astounding 15 percent of the U.S. Population suffer from sleep apnea and of those, 90 percent are still undiagnosed. 

Most of those that are diagnosed treat this sleep disorder with CPAP therapy. Non-compliance to CPAP therapy is being linked to depression, cancer, and heart attacks, just to name a few. The importance of CPAP compliance is lifesaving.

CPAP compliance can be difficult to adhere to since equipment must be cleaned or the user may eventually become sick. Keeping CPAP equipment clean and sanitized helps keep the CPAP-user healthier and more compliant to therapy.A new, product trend that many are using to help them stay compliant is the SoClean® CPAP cleaner and sanitizer from Better Rest Solutions (BRS). The SoClean kills any bacteria, viruses, or mold within the entire CPAP system including in and around the mask, hose, and reservoir.  There is no need to clean CPAP equipment in your sinks anymore and the SoClean sanitizes without any use of water too!

 If it’s difficult to keep equipment clean, then the CPAP-user may not use their equipment. It is so important for veterans to have an easy and efficient way to keep their equipment clean and stay compliant to their therapy,” said Michael Schmidt, President of Better Rest Solutions.

It is critical to ensure that, not only those with sleep apnea follow their treatment and therapy, but the studies show an even greater positive outcome for those with symptomatic PTSD. Coupled the importance of CPAP compliance, with an automated means of keeping their equipment sanitized, while being a healthy user—there is no reason why Americans should not be sleeping better and healthier.

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Better Rest Solutions (BRS) started in July of 2011 and was founded in Uxbridge, Massachusetts. BRS specializes and focuses on developing products for those who suffer with Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). More than 100 million people worldwide suffer from Sleep Apnea and the majority of those who are diagnosed use CPAP therapy to treat their sleeping disorder.


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*The findings were recently published online in the journal Sleep and presented at the annual meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies, in Baltimore.