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Buy a SoClean® 2 and We’ll Donate $5 to the American Sleep Apnea Association!

April 18, 1981 is a special day in the history of sleep apnea. It’s the day that Dr. Colin Sullivan, inventor of the Continuous Positive Air Pressure (CPAP) machine, published the results of a study demonstrating the effectiveness of CPAP therapy for sleep apnea sufferers. Dr. Sullivan’s study revolutionized treatment of this potentially dangerous yet highly treatable disorder, which affects upwards of 18 million Americans.

To commemorate this special event and honor Dr. Sullivan, the American Sleep Apnea Association (ASAA) declared April 18 Sleep Apnea Awareness Day.

Here at Better Rest Solutions, we wanted to do a little something ourselves to celebrate Sleep Apnea Awareness Day, so we’ve decided to donate $5 to the ASAA for every SoClean® 2 CPAP Cleaning and Sanitizing Machine purchased between April 15 and May 15.

The SoClean® 2 makes it easy for CPAP users to safely and naturally clean and sanitize their equipment, effectively removing 99.9% of CPAP mold, bacteria and viruses. This ensures that the CPAP machine is functioning properly and that users aren’t breathing in harmful pollutants.

This Sleep Apnea Awareness Day, treat yourself to a SoClean® 2, and help us support the ASAA as it continues to promote awareness of sleep apnea and advocate for the interests of those who suffer from this disorder.