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4 Tips for Traveling with a CPAP Machine

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Planning a trip in the near future? Bringing your CPAP machine on a trip may not be ideal, but taking a vacation from CPAP therapy simply isn’t an option. You want to feel your best while you’re away.Bringing your CPAP equipment with you will require a little bit of planning, but it’s nothing you can’t handle. Follow these tips for traveling with a CPAP machine and you’ll be more than ready when the time comes.

1. Plan Ahead

The good news is that since your CPAP machine is considered a medical device, it doesn’t count as one of your carry-on items. Since lost luggage is always a possibility with air travel, it’s smart to take it onboard with you instead of placing it in your checked bag.If you plan to use your CPAP in flight, contact the airline ahead of time to discuss their policy and confirm you’ll be seated near a plug.Be sure to pack any necessary power adapters or batteries depending on where you’re going. It’s also a good idea to bring extra CPAP supplies just in case.

2. Take Your Prescription with You

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You never know what will happen while you’re away, so take your prescription with you in the event that your CPAP machine is damaged or you need to purchase new supplies. This will also come in handy should you be asked to prove that your CPAP machine is a medically necessary device.

3. Invest in a Travel Size CPAP Machine

If you spend a lot of time away from home, you may want to consider getting a travel size CPAP machine for ease and convenience. A portable CPAP for travel will take up less space than your regular CPAP machine.

4. Bring CPAP Cleaning Supplies

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Keeping your CPAP machine clean is just as important when you’re away as it is when you’re at home—potentially even more important if your CPAP equipment is exposed to nasty airplane germs. The easiest way to handle this is with a portable CPAP cleaning device like the SoClean 2 Go, designed specifically for travel.Now that you’re prepared for traveling with a CPAP machine, you can get back to fun stuff, like planning your trip. Bon voyage!