Is SoClean Covered By Insurance?

Are Sleep Equipment Cleaning Machines Covered by Insurance?

Unfortunately, no. Insurance providers don’t currently cover sleep equipment cleaning machines, regardless of manufacturer. It’s possible that this may change at some point in the future, but currently, this coverage does not exist.


Is SoClean Covered by Insurance?

It is not. However, you can use any available funds you currently have in an HSA or FSA to purchase a SoClean 2 machine. Both HSAs and FSAs can be excellent options to help defray the cost. If you’re looking to have your cleaning machine covered by insurance, this is the best you can do.


Can an HSA Help Pay for SoClean?

An HSA, or health savings account, is set up to help families save money for inevitable health expenses. Any money you invest, up to the current limit of $6,900, goes into the account pre-tax, meaning you don’t pay any income tax on the amount. You also don’t pay any taxes on any interest you make on your invested balance. And when you use the account to pay for qualified medical expenses, your withdrawals aren’t taxed.


Any unused account balances roll over at the end of the year, so you never risk losing your invested amount. This fact, paired with the tax advantages, make HSAs a great way to save money on healthcare. Using HSA funds to purchase your SoClean 2 machine means you would never have to pay income tax on the purchase price of your machine.


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Can an FSA Help Pay for SoClean?

FSAs, or flexible spending accounts, operate much the same as HSAs. However, any funds invested in an FSA that aren’t used by the end of the plan year are lost. Therefore FSAs aren’t generally recommended unless you have constant medical bills that you know will fully exhaust your FSA funds, or unless you don’t have access to an HSA. An FSA would still be helpful for purchasing your cleaning machine because the funds come out pre-tax. You simply need to be more careful how much you put into the account.


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Is the SoClean2 Covered by Medicare?

Like private insurance, Medicare doesn’t currently cover sleep equipment cleaner purchases. However, it is possible to have the rental of your machine and related supplies partially covered by Medicare Part B. You’ll be responsible for 20% of the Medicare-approved amount.


Bear in mind that this coverage is only available if your supplier or doctor is enrolled with Medicare. Otherwise, Medicare can’t limit how much you can be charged. So be sure to confirm your provider is enrolled before beginning your rental period.


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