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How Travel Affects Sleeping Patterns

getting prepared to travel, with a map, compass, and photos
Traveling is usually a cause for excitement. (Okay, unless it’s a business trip or visiting the in-laws.) But no matter what has you on the road or in the air, the fact remains that you want to feel your best while you’re away from home. When you’re not sleeping well, you’re not at your best.
time lapse showing an increase of influenza
Nobody likes getting sick — even if it means getting a day off from work or school. With flu season in full swing, it’s becoming harder and harder to avoid it. Did you know that if you’re a CPAP user, you are more susceptible to getting sick? Especially if your CPAP isn’t as clean as

How to Treat Sleep Apnea with CPAP Therapy

Bane from Batman
What’s the best way to treat obstructive sleep apnea symptoms while also looking like Bane from Batman? CPAP therapy, of course! Once you get over the fact that you sort of look like a notorious villain in your CPAP mask, you’ll find that CPAP therapy can make a huge difference in your sleep health and
humidifier creating steam
As many sleep apnea patients can attest, using a CPAP humidifier makes CPAP therapy significantly more comfortable. When given the choice between breathing in cold, dry air or warm, moist air all night long, it’s no contest, really. Without adequate humidifier cleaning, however, a CPAP humidifier can do more harm than good. Here’s why CPAP