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The best CPAP machine is the one that’s used regularly. And the best CPAP cleaning system is the one that makes cleaning the machine foolproof. If you’re a sleep apnea patient on CPAP therapy, it’s likely that your physician has told you how important it is to regularly sanitize your machine’s equipment so that you

All CPAP Cleaners Are Not Created Equal

It is well known that regular and consistent use of a CPAP machine in the treatment of sleep apnea will result in positive health benefits such as lowered blood pressure. But almost as important, a CPAP machine can ensure a good night’s sleep, so you wake up with a clearer head, in a better mood,
Men's Healthy Habits for a Better Life
While Men’s Health Month is in June, there’s no reason why men can’t celebrate their health all year long. From staying well rested and getting tested for sleep apnea to getting more exercise to polishing up your piggy bank, this monthly calendar will help you stay on track with your goals. Experts say that it
Week 4 of the SoClean Men's Health Calendar
Week 4 has arrived! Thank you for celebrating a month of Men’s Health with us. This week, really ramp it up by taking a dip in the pool, treating yourself to a massage, focusing on your mental health, or planning a mini vacation. No matter what you decide, we hope you learned some valuable tips