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Man on a computer taking a sleep apnea quiz.
Pop quiz: How many different types of sleep apnea are there? This is a challenging question, because one of them is so much more common than the others that it tends to dominate the discussion. You may not have even heard of the other two—one of them wasn’t discovered until 2004. Now that we’ve all

How Is Sleep Apnea Diagnosed?

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When is snoring more serious than just keeping your partner awake at night? Why is it a constant struggle to stay awake during the day? And what’s with those morning headaches? If any of these questions sound familiar, it’s time to consider that you might have sleep apnea. As with most health problems, receiving a
Let’s start this off with a quick activity. Take a look at the following list of symptoms and make a mental note of any that you frequently experience: Irritability and mood changes Difficulty sleeping Fatigue or tiredness Attention problems   Headaches You may be thinking that these sound a lot like symptoms of depression—and they
hand holding a cartoon, pupming heart.
Are you giving your heart the love that it deserves? If you’re living with untreated sleep apnea, we hate to break it to you, but the answer is no. The inside of your body is a strange place that’s connected in all sorts of surprising ways. The link between sleep apnea and heart disease happens