Installing the Injection Fitting

Installing the Injection Fitting -
With Heated Humidifier

  1. Disconnect the main hose from the reservoir of your CPAP machine.
  2. Position the injection fitting onto the port of your reservoir, allowing the smaller hose to enter into and rest on or near the bottom of the reservoir.
  3. It may be necessary to trim off some of this smaller hose to achieve the best fit.

    Note: If you experience difficulty inserting the small hose into the reservoir, please visit our SoClean Support page to see how this can be done with a number of different style humidifiers.

installing injection hose with reservoirinstalling injection hose with reservoir

Installing the Injection Fitting -
Without Heated Humidifier

  1. If you are currently not using a humidifier, remove this short length of hose by pulling it straight off, then attach the fitting directly to the port on your CPAP machine.
  2. Reconnect the main CPAP hose to the top of the injection fitting.
installing injection hose with no reservoirinstalling injection hose with no reservoirinstalling injection hose with no reservoir