About Us

Changing the CPAP Experience

SoClean Inc. is the creator of the world’s first automated CPAP cleaner and sanitiser, an innovative device that naturally sanitises CPAP equipment without the need for disassembly, water or messy chemicals. It’s the safer, healthier way to breathe cleaner and have a better CPAP experience.

Our Vision and Mission

SoClean Inc. is committed to improving the lives of individuals with obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) and other sleep disorders. As a global leader in sleep apnoea cleaning solutions, we’re constantly innovating to serve the ever-growing needs of the sleep apnoea community in an ethical and progressive manner.

Our Story

SoClean Inc. was founded in July of 2011 in Uxbridge, Massachusetts. A couple of the SoClean employees were intimately familiar with sleep apnoea and recognized the many challenges faced by CPAP users. They observed first-hand that failure to keep CPAP equipment adequately clean can lead to lack of CPAP compliance and negative health consequences.

1 billion

1 Billion


1 in 8 people suffer>

1 in 8


25% of men suffer


Middle-aged men suffer from OSA

80% use CPAP


Of them use a CPAP machine

Out of these circumstances, the SoClean CPAP Cleaner and Sanitiser was born. Introduced to the market in February of 2012, SoClean was positioned as an automated solution for sanitising CPAP equipment without the need for disassembly, water or messy chemicals. Over the years, the SoClean Inc. team improved on the original SoClean and released the SoClean 2 CPAP Cleaner and Sanitiser, an updated model that’s even more convenient and user-friendly than the first.

SoClean Inc. continues to focus on making innovative products we can take pride in. We strive to create a work environment that’s both satisfying and enjoyable. Our focus on serving the obstructive sleep apnoea community is reinforced by the fact that many of our employees deal with sleep apnoea themselves or have a close family member who does.

In addition to the health benefits connected with using cleaned and sanitised CPAP equipment, there is also the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your CPAP equipment has been cleaned. To create products that positively change the CPAP experience is truly a pleasure.

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The World's First Automated CPAP Cleaner and Sanitiser

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Improve your CPAP experience with SoClean, the faster, easier, more effective way to clean your CPAP equipment.