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The SoClean 2 is the fast, easy way to clean your sleep equipment. The SoClean 2 uses Activated Oxygen (ozone) in order to maintain your sleep equipment daily with no disassembly and no water. Please visit to find out more.

You can use the Neutralising Pre-Wash prior to the first use of your SoClean 2 or when you introduce new sleep equipment to your system. You can also use the Pre-Wash to clean the parts of your sleep equipment regularly, as recommended by the manufacturer. The Pre-Wash is a fragrance-free cleaning solution that neutralises any pre-existing odours from detergents and removes any residue from the manufacturing process. You can find step-by-step instructions here (scroll down for English version).

The SoClean 2 runs a seven-minute cycle plus a two-hour rest period. This ensures proper maintenance of the equipment, while the rest period allows the Activated Oxygen (ozone) to convert back into regular oxygen.

Some users can smell Activated Oxygen (ozone) at extremely low levels and for these people, it is not uncommon to smell ozone for a short period of time during and after running their SoClean 2. If it is a very strong odour or you have noticed it getting stronger over time, please contact customer services on 0800 538 5040 and we can help identify if there is an issue with your SoClean.

At this time, the SoClean 2 is not covered by health insurance as it is considered a luxury item. However, you can use your HSA or FSA account to purchase the SoClean 2, allowing you to pay for your SoClean 2 with money deducted from your salary before income taxes are calculated. The eligible product list number is: #9274. Additionally, we offer a financing option with monthly payments. You can learn more about this on our website at or you can contact customer services on 0800 538 5040.

The SoClean 2 is easy to use. Once you make the one-time connection to your equipment, all you need to do is place your sleep equipment into the SoClean 2 Chamber, close the Lid and let the SoClean 2 do the rest. *Prior to first using your SoClean 2, we recommend using the Pre-Wash to clean your equipment of any facial oils or organic materials. If you would like additional information about setting up your SoClean, please contact customer services on 0800 538 5040.

The SoClean 2 connects to all popular sleep equipment, but some do require an adapter. If you have any questions about your particular sleep equipment, please contact customer services on 0800 538 5040.

You can reset the display screen by holding down the hourglass button and manual button together until you see a smiley face icon appear on the display screen. When you see the smiley face icon, the message has been cleared and reset.

Yes. Please call us on 0800 538 5040.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact customer services on 0800 538 5040.

Operating and Maintaining the SoClean

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SoClean has carefully selected local Durable Medical Equipment partners to support you with SoClean 2. Below you can find a list of available resellers in your region:

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If you prefer to contact the SoClean Customer Support team in the USA, for product related questions, feel free to call us from 14:30 CET till 01:00 CET at +0 800 538 5040 (local rate).

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