How to replace your check valve assembly & cartridge filter

Replacing Your SoClean Check Valve Assembly

The SoClean check valve assembly allows for air flow in only one direction and protects
against water backing up from your humidifier into your SoClean unit. It consists of a pair
of individual cylindrical check valves separated by a short length of clear tube. This clear
tube is important because it allows you to visually inspect for water trapped within it. If you
can see water in the clear tube, the check valve assembly should be replaced immediately.

Step 1: Removal of your current check valve
  1. Grasp the barrel of your current check valve firmly, and pull the tubing away from the barrel stem. It may be necessary to use a twisting motion to free the tubing from the stem.
  2. After one side of the tubing has been disconnected from the check valve, repeat step A to disconnect the tubing from the other side.
Step 2: Orienting your new check valve

The direction of your new check valve assembly is critical. Your SoClean will not work if it
is installed facing the wrong direction. The end of your new check valve assembly has
a green mark that should be positioned away from your SoClean and closest to your
CPAP machine. (See illustration) You can also see the arrow markings on each individual
check valve that point in the direction of your CPAP machine.

Step 3: Installing your new check valve
  1. With your check valve facing the correct direction, grasp the barrel and insert the stem as far as possible into the end of the tubing. The tubing should be nearly touching the barrel of the check valve. A thin film of dish soap on the stem can be used to help, if necessary.
  2. Repeat step A for the remaining side of the check valve.
If you need further assistance, you can contact SoClean +0 800 538 5040.