We are pioneering a safer, healthier way to clean through the power of Activated Oxygen. Working in harmony with nature to deliver a better clean for all.

From the Air We Breathe to Nature’s Most Powerful Disinfectant

Our advanced O3 Systems Generator activates ambient oxygen, turning it into ozone, one of the most potent disinfectants known to exist — naturally killing harmful bacteria and viruses.

Air/oxygen (O2) is pulled into our O3 powered devices

Our O3 systems generator applies a spark of energy, splitting the oxygen molecule (O2) into atomic oxygen (O1)

The single atomic oxygen (O1) connects to an oxygen molecule (O2) and ozone (O3) is formed

Disinfection occurs during oxidation, when the single atomic oxygen disconnects from the ozone (O3) to attack dangerous contaminants

Our patented filter transforms O3 back into oxygen (O2)

ozone systems generator feature

Never runs out

Our O3 Systems generator never runs out, producing activated oxygen and clean disinfection for a lifetime.

activated oxygen feature

Safe for the whole family

Activated oxygen eliminates the need for toxic chemicals that have no place in our homes or near our loved ones.

naturally clean feature


Naturally makes cleaning the impossible, possible.

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Reduces waste

Reduces environmental impact with less waste and harm caused by synthetic wipes, plastic bottles and dangerous chemicals.

Discover the Power of Our Advanced Air Purification Technology

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