SoClean Patents

US Patent No.: 9,358,316; 9,610,373; 9,616,147; 9,669,124; 9,895,461; 9,907,872; D719,673; D719,674; D802,788; 10,485,888; D819,190; 10,232,072; 10,052,397; 10,398,797; 10,456,492; 10,434,205; 10,722,603; 10,842,898; and patents pending

European Patent No.: EP2731632; D002502583-0002; validated in Germany, Albania, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, Greece, Netherlands, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg Monaco, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Great Britain, Czech Republic, Romania, Switzerland, Sweden, Turkey, Norway, and Croatia, Design Patent No. 002502583-0001; Design Patent No. 003438449-0001 and patent pending

China Patent No.: ZL201280043801.5; ZL201610517515.8 and patent pending

Australian Patent No.: 2016203846; 2017228723; 201915320 and patent pending

Hong Kong: 1197380 and patent pending

Korea: 10,1849436; 10,1984445; 10,2020750 and patent pending

India: patent pending

Japan: 1650531 and patent pending

Canada:  patent pending

SoClean Device Disinfector

patents pending

SoClean Air Purifier

patents pending