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    Core® Pillow - With Fitted Pillowcase

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    Unique shape accommodates sleep equipment and helps prevent leaks and pressure point soreness. With reduced pillow/equipment interference and shifting, you’ll be more comfortable and improve your overall sleep.

    Accommodates side and stomach sleeping, and a fitted pillowcase is included.

    Made in USA. 30-Day Risk-Free Trial!

    - FSA/HSA Eligible -

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    The Core® Pillow provides increased comfort and compliance for sleep equipment users by helping prevent pressure point soreness and air leaks for a restful night's sleep. Although designed primarily for use with sleep equipment, it is also ideal for those who are required to sleep on their side or stomach for other reasons such as pregnancy, fibromyalgia, and chronic pain.

    The unique shape and quilted side panels create a distinct edge, allowing equipment to comfortably hang over the side of the pillow. This helps prevent equipment/pillow interference and reduces movement or excessive pressure on the face. The resilient fiber fill supports the head while the crescent shaped cutout contours the shoulder for a restful night's sleep. The Core® Pillow is firm enough to support the head without losing its edge, yet comfortable enough to sleep on all night.

    This 21" x 15" pillow has a 4" thickness; the thickness measurement is the height of the quilted side panel. A washable, fitted pillowcase is included. Latex free. Made in USA.

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    SKU FIB-280-WH
    Dimensions 21 x 15 x 4 in