Air Purifier for Bedroom

If you had to guess which rooms in your home are occupied for the most hours per day, it would probably be the bedrooms. The average person spends seven to eight hours a day sleeping.1,2

If you wanted to start using an air purifier for a room in your home, an air purifier in a bedroom will probably provide the most benefits.

Why have an air purifier for a bedroom?

Indoor air quality varies, as do the pollutants that contribute to poor air, but the causes of poor indoor air quality aren’t always obvious. Opening a window while you sleep might help bring in fresh air, but this isn’t a guaranteed way to improve air quality3

An air purifier for bedroom usage means that while you sleep, you can get the many benefits of having purified air to breathe. Although our bodies have defenses and ways of dealing with pollutants that we inhale, our systems can become overwhelmed when we are exposed to too many pollutants.

A portable air purifier with a High Efficiency Particulate Air filter, or HEPA filter, can remove more than 99.97% of airborne particles .3 microns in diameter. An Ultra Low Particulate Air filter can remove over 99.999% of .3-micron airborne particles. This includes many harmful substances and allergens.

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Maximizing the benefits

To get the most out of an air purifier for a bedroom, you should follow a few simple guidelines. The air purifier needs to be on when people are in the room, and definitely needs to be on while the occupants are sleeping.

Make sure that both the intake areas and output areas are clear of obstructions. If either are blocked, the air purifier can’t do its job. If it isn’t clear where the air comes in or out of the air purifier, either check the documentation that came with the air purifier, or use a feather or piece of tissue paper to look for where the most air movement occurs.

Even if the openings aren’t completely blocked, being too close to walls or furniture may be enough to limit effectiveness if there is air resistance. Check the manufacturer’s documentation for the appropriate clearance distances.

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An air purifier for a bedroom will work just as well in other rooms. However, this may not be true the other way around. Many air purifiers for homes are specially designed to run quietly, but the amount of noise generated by some air purifiers may make them unsuitable for a bedroom.

This is up to you. Although purifying air in an unoccupied room may not be a very efficient use of energy, if you think you are likely to forget to turn the air purifier on when you are in the room then it might be best to leave it on. Some air purifiers measure the air quality and automatically increase or decrease their level of filtration based on the surrounding air quality. An air purifier for a bedroom with this feature may be economical to leave running around the clock.

An air purifier should never be relied upon to remove carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide, or CO, is a very dangerous gas that can reach fatal concentrations in homes. A carbon monoxide detector should be used to monitor carbon monoxide levels indoors, as CO is scentless and tasteless and can’t be detected without special equipment.

HEPA, ULPA, and carbon filtration are perfectly safe technologies that do not release any byproducts. An air purifier for a bedroom that uses these methods to purify air is perfectly safe at any distance. Keep in mind that the breeze from the air purifier could be significant, and if you tend to sleep with your mouth open you could end up with a very dry tongue.

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Why SoClean

Keep your home fresh and SoClean with the SoClean 3-Stage Air Purifier+. Up to 3,000 times more efficient than HEPA standards, the SoClean 3-Stage Air Purifier captures particles down to 10 nanometers and generates cleanroom-level clean air for your home. The easy-to-use design makes it simple to produce quality air wherever you are.

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