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The SoClean Air Purifier+ with Celios G200 Advanced Technology is effective at capturing the SARS-COV-2 virus.*

Lab-proven filtration technology removes allergens, mold, and captures up to 99.99999% of viruses and bacteria.*

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Unparalleled Purification + Portability

SoClean Air Purifier

Advanced 3-Stage Filtration

Captures up to 99.99999% of viruses and bacteria.*

Better than HEPA

Up to 3,000 times more efficient than HEPA standards.


Removable core can travel from room to room.

4-Level TurboFlo™

4 fan speed settings — from a gentle “white noise” to a fast “power scrub” all with the same level of purification.

The Power Of Our 3-Stage Filtration Technology


Granulated Activated Carbon Filter
Pre Filter
Core Filter
  • Oversized filter for adsorbing gases, VOCs, and odors.
  • Removes larger air pollution particles including dust mites, pollen, and mold spores.
  • Captures ultrafine particulates down to 10 nanometers in size. Delivers cleanroom-quality air without generating any foul odors or outgassing.
  • VOCs

4-Level TurboFlo™

Allows you to set your fan speed at 4 levels for daily purification or specific needs such as smoke in the kitchen, or pet odors. At each level, super-fast, turbulent airflow moves through our 3-stage filtration process, efficiently purifying air within an airtight assembly.

The SoClean Air Purifier+ is different. Think of it as your own personal source for continuous pure, filtered fresh air.

The SoClean Air Purifier+ features a cordless design, so you can breathe clean, pure air wherever your day takes you. Easy to maintain and assemble—no tools required.

Fan Speed:

You can adjust the SoClean Air Purifier+ fan speed to best meet your needs. To select the fan speed you desire, lightly press the fan speed button on the control panel or Remote Control.

The 4 fan speed settings allow you to either increase or decrease the rate of airflow while maintaining the purity of the air generated by the device at every speed.

Fan speeds are louder on the highest fan speed settings 3 & 4. Use speeds 3 & 4 in unoccupied rooms for the fastest airflow possible and for a quick “scrub” of the air when, for example, you wish to remove odors after cooking.

Once the scrub is completed, a consistent use at fan speed 1 & 2 is perfect for everyday use. Use Fan speeds 1 & 2 while you’re in the room for pure air generated as quietly as possible.

The SoClean Air Purifier+ will continue to capture particles at the same efficiency regardless of the fan speed. The fan speed only decreases the amount of time needed for an initial clean of the air, but for continued use and maintenance of the air in your room, the lower fan speeds are preferred.

SoClean Air Purifier+ Features:

  • 3-stage filtration process

  • Airtight assembly

  • Up to 24-hour battery life

  • Sleek, modern design

  • Remote control operation

  • 2-year warranty

  • LED panel alert when the filters are due to be changed

SoClean Air Purifier+ Benefits:

  • Up to 3,000 times more efficient than HEPA standards

  • Generates cleanroom-level clean air

  • Captures particulate matter down to 10 nanometers

  • Prevents recirculating dangerous particulates or volatile organic compounds back into your room

  • Small footprint to fit almost any space

  • Quickly eliminate odors fast and at the source

  • 30-day, risk-free trial (see details)

  • Easy to assemble—no tools required

Included with your SoClean Air Purifier+ Purchase:

  • G200 core

  • Main stand

  • Mini stand

  • 8-month supply of filters (1 Core Filter, 2 Carbon Filters, 2 Pre Filters)

  • Lithium ion smart batteries

  • Remote control

  • Power adapter

  • AAA batteries

  • User manual

Support Information:

Watch the SoClean Air Purifier+ setup guide:

Replacement Filter Kits now available for purchase.

See FAQs and more support information on the SoClean Air Purifier Support Page.



Power Requirements DC input: 15V, 4A; Power brick: 100-240V, 50-60Hz, 1.5A
AC Power Usage Idle: 0.6W, Speed 1: 2.5W, Speed 2: 3.8W, Speed 3: 6.5W, Speed 4: 22W
Weight G200 Core Unit without Batteries: 3 lb., 5 oz.
G200 Core Unit with Batteries: 4 lb. G200 Core Unit with Batteries: 4 lb.
G200 Main Stand: 3 lb., 10 oz. G200 Main Stand: 3 lb., 10 oz.
Mini Stand: 4 oz. Mini Stand: 4 oz.
Dimensions (with Main Stand): 14.125" x 5.75" x 10.5"
(with Mini Stand) 12.375" x 4" x 9.5" (with Mini Stand) 12.375" x 4" x 9.5"
Noise Level (dBA) In G200 Main Stand: Speed 1: 34, Speed 2: 46, Speed 3: 56, Speed 4: 64
In Mini Stand: Speed 1: 36, Speed 2: 52, Speed 3: 62, Speed 4: 71 In Mini Stand: Speed 1: 36, Speed 2: 52, Speed 3: 62, Speed 4: 71
3-Stage Filtration Carbon Filter, Pre-filter and Core Filter
Filter Life Expectancy 24-Hour Use—Pre Filter: 2 months, Carbon Filter: 2 months, Core Filter: 4 months
12-Hour Use—Pre Filter: 4 months, Carbon Filter: 4 months, Core Filter: 8 months 12-Hour Use—Pre Filter: 4 months, Carbon Filter: 4 months, Core Filter: 8 months
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SoClean Air Purifier+ - How it Works

SoClean Air Purifier+ Setup

SoClean Air Purifier+ - Replacing Your Filters

Support Information: See the User Manual, setup videos, FAQs, and Warranty information on the SoClean Air Purifier Support Page.


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SoClean Air Purifier+ Replacement Filter Kit

Each 5-pack Filter Kit contains one Core Filter, two Carbon Filters, and two Pre-Filters

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