Blue Heaven Particle Size Filtration


  • These tests were performed by leading independent lab Blue Heaven Technologies, an expert in the field of air filtration testing
  • Unlike many tests which simply measure a sheet of the material used in a filtration device, this test (EN 1822-5) measures the air immediately as it exits the actual device, so it identifies the real world filtration efficiency of the complete product (and exposes deficiencies that create significant performance impacts, including leaks and poor design)
  • The test was performed on 9 leading brands, including the Celios G200.
  • Each was measured at low and high fan speeds
  • Measured across a wide range of ultrafine and fine particle sizes (20 - 700 nm) Results demonstrate that none of the tested leading competitors achieves efficiencies anywhere close to that of the G200:
  • None other than the Celios G200 could achieve even HEPA efficiency
  • By contrast, Celios achieved efficiency of over 99.99% for both high and low fan speeds across the entire range of particles
  • The air coming directly out of the Celios G200 is dramatically cleaner than any tested competitor, regardless of fan speed or particle size

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