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Sleep Equipment Nightstand, Heritage Oak

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Handsome nightstand conceals your sleep equipment.

Why We Chose It:

We love what our sleep equipment does, but we don’t love looking at it—the clutter of exposed tubing, masks and supplies. Not to mention, it takes up a lot of space on our nightstands. This cabinet is a perfect solution. Testers appreciated how it kept their bedrooms neat and organized, while protecting sleep equipment from dust, germs and debris.

Some of Our Favorite Features:

  • Attractive design: Made from high-quality, moisture-resistant manufactured wood, this cabinet looks great with just about any bedroom decor.
  • Impressive storage capacity: Can hold two machines, with two interior shelves and hose outlets on both sides if you wish to place between beds.
  • No assembly required: This arrives box to bedside—no complicated instructions or setup required.

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Enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep without the chaos of exposed tubing, masks and other sleep equipment supplies. With this attractive nightstand, you can keep your bedroom neat and organized, while protecting your sleep maintenance equipment from dust, germs and debris. Specially designed to accommodate your SoClean sleep equipment maintenance device on its top, while concealing and organizing your sleep equipment behind closed doors, this nightstand is made from high-quality, moisture-resistant manufactured wood, requires no assembly and cleans easily. This item ships directly from the manufacturer within the Contiguous United States only. Due to weight, free return shipping is not available.


  • Mahogany, Heritage Oak or Solid Black moisture-resistant finish
  • Height: 29 3/4", Width: 23 3/4", Depth: 15 3/4"
  • Two doors that open from the center
  • Two interior shelves (1 fixed, one sliding)
  • Removable hardware
  • Hose outlets on both sides
  • Cable management
  • Made in the USA


  • Keeps sleep equipment organized, concealed and easily accessible
  • Fits all popular sleep equipment
  • Box to bedside with no assembly required
  • Cleans easily with a soft damp cloth
  • Flexibility of access on either side
  • Can hold two machines and be placed between beds

SoClean sleep equipment maintenance device not included.

Always follow the manufacturer’s instruction for maintaining your sleep equipment.

Sleep Equipment Nightstands are not covered by SoClean's 2-year warranty.

Sku: MP-PE-M54

UPC: 00612975016810

Weight: 48 lbs

Dimensions: 15.75" x 23.75" x 29.75"

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