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We believe mornings are for drinking coffee, not laboriously scrubbing your sleep equipment. Meet SoClean 2. No fuss, no mess, no disassembly. Just pop it in and go about your day. At bedtime, your sleep equipment will be fresh and ready to use.

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The Perfect Complement to Your Daily Routine

SoClean 2 for Sleep Equipment

No Water or Disassembly

The cycle runs for just 7 minutes, followed by a 2-hour rest period.

Technology You Can Trust

Blending the beauty of science with the power of nature for unparalleled maintenance.

Fast + Easy

Automatically starts when you place your sleep equipment in the chamber and close the lid.

SoClean 2 Complete Bundle

Try the SoClean 2 Complete for special bundled savings! Includes the SoClean 2, our 3 top adapters, an additional Cartridge Filter Kit, Unscented Wipes, and an 8oz Bottle of Prewash. This specially-curated selection has everything you need to keep your sleep equipment fresh.

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Sleep More Soundly
with SoClean 2

SoClean 2 naturally maintains every part of your sleep
equipment. Use it in the morning when you wake up so
you don't have to worry while you sleep.

Just place your sleep equipment inside

No disassembly required. Automatically starts when you place your equipment in the chamber and close the lid.

You can use the SoClean 2 without needing to take equipment apart every day. Does not require water in order to ensure your equipment remains completely dry.

Now includes our 3 top adapters in the box!

Included with your SoClean purchase:

  • 3 Top SoClean Adapters
  • 1 SoClean 2 Machine
  • 1 1 oz. Pre-Wash (for cleaning equipment prior to first use)
  • 1 Cartridge Filter, Check Valve Assembly (6 month replacement schedule; genuine SoClean Replacement Filter Kits are available here.)
  • 1 Universal Injection Fitting
  • 1 Side Slot Plug
  • 1 Power Adapter
  • 1 SoClean 2 User Manual

SoClean 2 Features:

SoClean Benefits:

  • 30-day risk-free trial. See details.
  • Peace-of-mind and easy-to-use
  • No need to take equipment apart on a daily basis
  • SoClean is 100% waterless

Contraindications for Use: Persons with underlying lung diseases, such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (also known as COPD, which includes emphysema and chronic bronchitis) and those with cardiovascular disease may be sensitive to ozone and should consult with their physician before using this product.

SoClean 2 is eligible for FSA and HSA reimbursement.  If you have an FSA or HSA debit card, you can use it on

The SoClean 2 requires that you change the filter and the check valve every 6 months. A Cartridge Filter Kit containing both needed items can be purchased here.




Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 7.875 X 7.25 X 8.875 in
UPC 00858242007550

Changing the Filter and Check Valve (Filter Kit)

SoClean 2 Timer and Notifications

Support Information: See the User Manual, setup videos, FAQs, and Warranty information on the SoClean 2 Support Page.


                  SoClean Care and Maintenance Kit

SoClean Care and Maintenance Kit

Save vs. buying separately! Everything you need to maintain your SoClean 2 and equipment. Comes with one replacement SoClean 2 Cartridge Filter Kit, one container of Unscented Wipes, and one 8-oz. Neutralizing Pre-Wash.


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                  SoClean 2 Cartridge Filter Kit

SoClean 2 Cartridge Filter Kit

Replacement Cartridge Filter and Check Valve Assembly for SoClean 2.

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                  SoClean O₃ Smarthome Cleaning System™

SoClean O₃ Smarthome Cleaning System™

Harnessing the power of Activated Oxygen Technology (O₃) the SoClean Device Disinfector™ and the SoClean PowerWipe™ work together to create a safe and natural cleaning system for your home and family.


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Shop SoClean Replacement Filter Kits

Replacement Filter and Check Valve Assembly

$30 One-time purchase
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