SoClean 3 Setup & Activation

Your SoClean 3 Must be Activated to Operate

Step 1

Follow the setup instructions in your user manual and/or find the setup video for your sleep equipment.

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Video Title:(1) SoClean 3 Overview: Parts, Buttons, Icons
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Video Title:(2) SoClean 3 Overview: Operation
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Video Title:(3) SoClean 3 Filter Installation
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Video Title:(4) SoClean 3 Activation and Setup - Hose and Mask Adapter

Step 2

Complete the Setup Checklist below in order to use your SoClean 3.
  • SoClean 3 is powered on (page 20)
  • Filter is installed (page 22)
  • Sleep Equipment accessories are washed in sink before first use (page 24)
  • SoClean Adapter is installed on sleep equipment hose
  • Ensure the Ozone tube is connected to the back of the SoClean 3 and the SoClean Adapter
  • Sleep equipment hose is still connected to mask
  • Device Unlock/Activation


Step 3

Activate your SoClean 3 by following the instructions below.

The Lid must be closed and the mask and hose outside the Chamber.
Firmly press the Control Panel buttons in the following order:

If the Cycle Complete icon is green, your SoClean 3 is ready to use.
If the activation was unsuccessful, open/close the device lid and restart DEVICE ACTIVATION.

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