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    Portable Outlet Car Charger & Inverter

    Recharge your Portable Outlet Battery or keep equipment powered while on the road with the Portable Outlet Power Inverter.

    Your Portable Outlet Sleep Equipment Backup Battery/UPS V2 will recharge in about 4 hours, as the Portable Outlet Car Charger & Inverter continuously supplies up to 100 watts of 110V AC power to a single AC outlet (US Wall Socket style) from any 12V battery or "cigarette" style socket like those found in most cars, boats, trucks, and other vehicles.

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    The Portable Outlet Car Charger & Inverter is an ultra-compact and highly portable power system. It is an easy way to recharge the Portable Outlet on the go, in your truck, car, boat, and more!

    Simply plug the Power Inverter into a 12-volt lighter outlet. Then, plug the Portable Outlet Power Supply into the Power Inverter, and plug the other end of the Portable Outlet into the DC input.

    Portable and compact, the design is among the most rugged available thanks to its lightweight metal casing. It includes a durable cord with "cigarette" style plug and a built-in 5V 1A USB Power Output.

    While designed for Portable Outlet Battery charging, the charger is ideal for many portable electronics and other applications under 100 watts. Please check the specific requirements of your equipment before use with the charger.

    Using the Portable Outlet Power Inverter:

    1. Placement: The Power Inverter should be placed on a flat surface, shielded from any water drips or spray. There should be at least 2 inches clearance around the entire device for optimal cooling. Only operate the Power Inverter when the ambient temperature is between 32℉ and 104℉.

    2. Operation: Plug the DC plug into a vehicle's 12-volt outlet. The green power lite will indicate AC power is available. You can then plug your device into the Power Inverter. If you are charging the Portable Outlet Sleep Equipment Backup Battery/UPS V2, make sure you use the power supply provided with the Portable Outlet.

    • Output voltage: 110 / 220 VAC
    • Output frequency: 50/60Hz+/-2 Hz
    • Output USB:DC 5.0V/0.5A max
    • Output waveform: pure sine wave 1 modified sine wave
    • Input voltage range: 10.0-15.0 VDC
    • Low battery alarm(nominal):10.4-11 .0V
    • Low battery shutdown point (nominal):9.7-10.3V
    • High battery shutdown point (nominal):14.5-15.5V
    • Battery drain with no AC load (at 12V input): <0.3A
    • Peak efficiency: >95%

    Download the Portable Outlet Car Charger & Inverter User Guide.

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