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This is the first well I have written in my 52 years,but one I wanted to share with fellow cpap wearers,I have been using cpap for 6 years and every year I would since using cpap I would get upper respiratory infections,last year I was very sick over and over again for a total of 5 months,coughing.sneezing,feeling terrible and desperate for help, Doctors did not know why I was always getting these infections, so out of desperation I searched the internet and found this amazing and wonderful product
and ordered one, I have been using the Soclean machine for 8 months now and have not had a single infection,
This is a GREAT product ,try it and you will not be sorry !!!


I REALLY enjoy my SoClean

I just want to tell you and your company that I REALLY enjoy my SoClean. Before I bought it I was having serious health problems in the inside of my nose even though I was manually cleaning my CPAP. I developed these scars that were UN-TOUCHABLE and bleeding most of the time. After I started using SoClean....these scars magically went away. I was also having heavy headaches all the time....These are gone too. Thank you for taking care of business. I don't get tired of recommending the SoClean every time I encounter a CPAP user !!!!!!!

Jose Mendoza

So great, I need a spare!

I work in food processing and our microbial lab has checked distilled water and found microbial count up to 30,000 cfu/ml. I find it comforting that ozone is used to control microbial cfu in water and it will sanitize the hose and mask. I have just placed an order for a spare SoClean device. I ordered the original unit and [now I] will have two identical. [...] I recently switched CPAP supplies vendor and have recommended your device to the Respiratory Therapist who set me up. You should get some additional business - she seemed genuinely interested and saw a
great benefit. Best wishes in the coming new year. A satisfied SoClean user.

Gene E.

Impressed with SoClean

My daughter is in the medical field and has continued to be concerned with sinus infections from my BIPAP machine. I am very impressed with my [SoClean] unit and have recommended it to others.

Steven P.

Excellent products

Soclean2 changed the c-pap experience for the better. best investment I have made. my health has improved. it is simple to use and I am not worried about infections

Ronald D Wolfe