The SoClean story began with a mission to
solve a problem that others didn’t see.

SoClean was created over a decade ago by asking its employees to develop a new product to secure the company's future. One employee who was being treated for a Sleep Disorder suggested making a product that provided fast and easy Sleep Equipment maintenance, creating a helpful complement to his daily routine.

So we made it fast. We made it easy. We made it foolproof. We pioneered a new way to get rid of the bad things you can't see - without harsh chemicals, without worry. We gave millions of customers peace of mind so they could sleep more soundly.

Today, we are using our innovation and expertise to better people’s lives and their health, in a holistic, comprehensive way — through the power of a better clean.

Cleaning has too often been


Until Now.

Revolutionizing How the World Gets Clean.

Rooted in the credibility of true innovation, SoClean is the only brand dedicated to bettering lives through the power of a better clean in every way, every day.

Rest Easy with SoClean Labs

Behind the scenes, our researchers, designers, and engineers spend their waking hours pioneering the easiest, most effective ways to make cleaning the impossible possible.

The result? The most innovative clean products to provide peace of mind for the people and places we love most. The future of clean is here.

Our EcoSystem Of Clean™

Each product in the SoClean EcoSystem works in harmony with the other to help create a clean home environment for you and your family.