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SoClean Expands Its Portfolio Introducing Two New Household Products for Killing Viruses and Bacteria

Peterborough, NH (July 15, 2020) – SoClean Inc., the innovative device company, has announced the launch of two new products, the first in a series of consumer items the company plans to release this year. The SoClean Air Purifier eliminates up to 99.9999% of airborne viruses, bacteria and allergens, providing next-generation air purification that far surpasses HEPA standards. The SoClean Device Disinfector kills 99.9%* of bacteria and viruses on high-touch everyday items, such as smartphones and key fobs.

"As a company grounded in innovation, we are always looking for new ways to expand our presence within the health technology industry and offer meaningful and relevant products to consumers," SoClean CEO Robert Wilkins said. "By leveraging SoClean’s proprietary technology, we’re offering two new devices that will provide hands-free solutions to remove airborne particles in the air and kill viruses and bacteria on high-touch everyday items."

Since 2012, SoClean has focused on perfecting its highly successful device for maintaining sleep equipment, the SoClean 2. Now the company will extend the brand into new areas of the household, which will include air and high-touch everyday items. The Air Purifier and Device Disinfector are just the beginning of SoClean’s brand expansion that will continue into 2021 and beyond with a variety of new products. With the Air Purifier, SoClean is making it easy to breathe clean, fresh air at home, while the Device Disinfector will make it simple to develop a daily routine for keeping high-touch household items fresh and ready for use.

"Our goal is to empower consumers to take charge of disinfecting their homes," Wilkins said. "We are confident these new products can be a value-add to millions of people looking for efficient and simple ways to rid viruses and bacteria from their homes."

The SoClean Air Purifier will retail for $599 and is available now. For more information about the next generation of air purification, visit

The SoClean Device Disinfector will retail for $299 and is available for preorder. For more information about this revolutionary cleaning product, visit

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About SoClean

SoClean Inc. is the smart health technology company. Originally known for its popular sleep equipment maintenance device, the SoClean 2, SoClean now proudly offers a whole line of innovative health and wellness products. From a next-generation indoor air purifier to a high-touch item device disinfector —and soon to be more—these products do the dirty work, so you don't have to. SoClean provides high-quality, aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-use products all while providing excellent customer support. Your home is your sanctuary. We help you keep it SoClean. For more information, visit

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