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The Soclean 2 is for home use and the SoClean 2 Go is for travel use. Please see below for a comparison chart. SoClean 2 ideal for at-home use SoClean 2 Go ideal for travel Fully sanitizes Mask, Hose & Reservoir YES YES Works with a wide variety of CPAP Machines YES YES Works with

Yes, every six months of normal use, the filter and check valve need to be changed. The filter and check valve come together in a kit and can be ordered at this link.

The SoClean will work with most CPAP masks. There are a few full size masks that will not fit in the SoClean. If you have any questions you can call us.

The Soclean will work with most CPAP machines. Please check our compatibility chart.

We have had many customers used their HSA or FSA account with success. Please note that Better Rest Solutions does not guarantee the use of an HSA or FSA account and you must check with your account manager first.

At this time the SoClean is not covered under health insurance.