8 Easier Ways to Manage Everyday Pet Odors

Monday, 25 January 2021 by
Pets are the best, but even the most passionate animal lover will probably agree: They should be seen and not smelled. Unfortunately, even a pet that’s fully house-trained leaves behind dander, tracks in dirt, passes gas—and can leave your house with a lingering odor.
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Can Yoga Help Me Sleep Better in 2021?

Monday, 11 January 2021 by
Yoga is frequently presented as a balm to any number of things that may ail us—from back pain to stress to pandemic-related insomnia. Those who have a regular practice report feeling not only stronger and more flexible but also inspired to engage in complementary forms of self-care. According to one study, yogis are more motivated to eat healthy, exercise, and...
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How a Clean House Boosts Your Physical and Mental Health

Monday, 04 January 2021 by
How a Clean House Boosts Your Physical and Mental Health Living in a clean environment is great for you physically—some of us literally breathe easier when we get rid of dust, mold, pet hair, grime and germs. But cleanliness has mental benefits, too, helping us to gain a sense of control over our environment and the peace-of-mind that we've checked...
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