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Why You Should Change Your SoClean Filter Every 6 Months


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To keep your SoClean running optimally, you’ll need to change its filter and check valve about every six months. The SoClean Cartridge Filter Kit, available for sale on, includes both of these components.

As for when it’s time to change your filter, the SoClean leaves little room for guesswork. The machine is programmed to alert you when it’s time for the replacement by displaying the Order Filter Kit message.

Why Does the Filter Kit Need to be Replaced?

Each component of the SoClean Filter Kit plays an important role in the SoClean system’s function. Changing the filter and check valve regularly ensures that the SoClean is working properly.

Purchasing and Installation

The SoClean 2 Filter Kit is available for purchase on our website and is relatively simple to change and reinstall. Consumers have shared with us their delight over the simple reinstallation process, the speed and convenience of the reordering process, and the fact that the SoClean Filter Kit has made the experience of maintaining clean eqiupment with the SoClean much more efficient.

A Word on Counterfeit Filters

We have noticed - and cautioned our consumers about - the availability of counterfeit filters on the market. These counterfeit filters can damage the SoClean machine, so we only support filters that are branded SoClean. The counterfeit filters have been found on Amazon and eBay. To ensure you are purchasing and installing the correct filter, please look for the SoClean brand on the packaging and product. 

Here’s to many more nights of clean sleep!

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