Cook, serve, dine and store in sustainable style.

Like SoClean, the folks at Bamboozle—a diverse team of designers and manufacturers—are obsessed with the health of our planet. We admire how they push the industry towards environmental responsibility by championing sustainable manufacturing with bio-plastics and other renewable resources. Together, we’re working toward finding more harmony between a healthy lifestyle and the health of our planet.

  • Sustainable: Uses excess raw materials of fast-growing, eco-friendly bamboo that can be harvested frequently without damaging the soil or landscape.
  • Durable: : Extremely strong, moisture-resistant, heat-tolerant, and dishwasher-safe. Made to sustain everyday use and tough enough to be enjoyed for years.
  • Repurposed: Plastic-molding machines are retooled to mold a new, environmentally conscious material into beautiful, durable, eco-chic plates, bowls, trays and kitchen tools.
  • Biodegradable: When you’re ready to move on, the material breaks down cleanly, returning to the Earth and creating very little environmental impact.


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