The intersection of comfort and quality.

We’re big fans of anything that helps us achieve a restful night of sleep, and that’s why we’ve partnered with Down Etc. We also admire their commitment to high-quality, eco-friendly products and innovative design. Launched in 2000 by a founder with a passion for pillows, Down Etc began as a purveyor of “top of the bed” products to the most demanding boutique hotels in the world. Here at SoClean, we’re thrilled they’ve made their product lines available to the rest of us!

  • Chemical-free materials: Safe, hypoallergenic and made without the potentially toxic materials in traditional bedding.
  • Thoughtful design: Pillows that come with their own carrying cases; mattress pads that don’t slip or squeak. Really: They’ve thought of everything! .
  • High-quality construction: Quilted layers, durable double stitching and attention to every last detail make these products last.


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