Smart headphones + app = better sleep.

At SoClean, we have a deep admiration for tech-forward thinking, and few brands are more advanced than Kokoon when it comes to sleep. Designed by sleep scientists, their products feature built-in sensors to gather information about sleep and sleep quality. Data is analyzed through an app that gives users a daily summary of their sleep, including sleep efficiency, length and quality. Does it work? Better than anyone could have even imagined: Nearly 90% of wearers say they drift off to sleep more quickly and the quality of their sleep is better.

  • Comfort in bed: Sitting snug in the ear, these tiny, soft earbuds are perfect for side sleepers.
  • Noise masking: Intelligent noise-masking help mask out disturbances
  • Sleep Sensing: By shining an infrared light on the skin, sensors monitor sleep and measure heart rate variability.
  • Adaptive audio: Audio auto-fades as you drift off to sleep.


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