Committed to a better “awake” through better sleep

Let’s face it: You can’t be your best self—balanced, happy, present—when you’re tired. That’s why Layla set out to create sleep products designed to recharge your body and mind. Their luxury line features a proprietary mix of innovative sleep materials: From super plush Kapok fiber to a signature hexagon stitching to maximize airflow, you’ll enjoy a cool, clean, satisfying night’s sleep, every night.

  • Award-winning products: Recognized for excellence by leading magazines, including Forbes, Good Housekeeping, Prevention and more.
  • Backed by sleep science: Designed and developed to address common sleep concerns, from sore necks to overheating.
  • Committed to sustainability: Thoughtfully designed with eco-friendly materials, including seed pod fibers from the Indonesian Kapok tree.


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