On a mission to create products with ultra-clean ingredients that perform as well as they taste.

Mindright bars and energy mixes fuel your day with the power of superfoods to help boost your mood, energy and focus. We admire their commitment to improving health through innovation: The team worked with food scientists to synergistically blend brain-boosting ingredients into food and beverage products. And most importantly, everything they make tastes great!

  • High-quality, natural ingredients: We like that the sweetness comes from monk fruit, coconut palm sugar and stevia, not high-fructose corn syrup or chemically processed sweeteners.
  • A well-balanced energy: The addition of brain-boosting and stress-relieving ingredients like L-theanine and coffee fruit extracts help get you through your day with energy and calm.
  • Pack up easily: Toss bars and energy packs into lunch bags, desk drawers and purses. They’ll stay fresh until you’re ready to enjoy them!


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