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Do I have Sleep Apnea or Insomnia?

Why “Do I have Sleep Apnea or Insomnia?” is the Wrong Question. Insomnia and sleep apnea are two extraordinarily common problems. Patients, and many medical practitioners, often attempt to put these two issues into separate boxes, when in reality, they can be quite interconnected. Having an understanding of the interdependence between insomnia and sleep apnea

How Much Do you Know About Heart Disease

sleep apnea heart disease snoring
The Critical Relationship Between Sleep Apnea and Heart Disease The American Heart Association states: “The evidence is strong for the relationship between sleep apnea and hypertension and cardiovascular disease generally…” The real question is: how deeply intertwined are sleep apnea and heart disease? According to the National Sleep Foundation, the relationship is evolving rapidly. What
What Is the Relationship Between Sleep Apnea and Heart Disease? People with cardiovascular issues such as high blood pressure, heart failure and stroke have a higher chance of sleep apnea than those without the conditions. Whether sleep apnea specifically causes heart disease is still unclear, but doctors know that if you have sleep apnea, the