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CPAP maintenance is an essential component of CPAP therapy. Part of that involves replacing your CPAP equipment regularly. This is important for two key reasons: 1) hygiene and 2) keeping your CPAP supplies functioning optimally so that you get the most out of CPAP therapy. How often you should replace your CPAP equipment can vary
If cleaning your CPAP equipment by hand just isn’t working for you, another option is a CPAP cleaning machine. Here’s a series of questions to ask before buying a CPAP cleaner so that you’re happy with your purchase. Question #1: Will the CPAP cleaning machine work with my CPAP model? There are dozens of different
A bloog pressure sleeve with its cords in the shape of a heart and an EKG.
Sleep apnea is a common sleep disorder that affects more than 22 million Americans. It’s characterized by interruptions in breathing during sleep, which can occur anywhere from five to 30 times per hour. Though there are three different types of sleep apnea, this post will focus on obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), the most common form
May 16, 2017, Boston, MA — SoClean, the CPAP sanitizing device company, was announced as the winner of the Small Business Association of New England (SBANE) Innovation Award at the 2017 New England Innovation Awards Gala. This award is given annually to companies and organizations that transformed innovative idea(s) into a product or service that deliver