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A poet takes the prize!

In March Better Rest Solutions launched its  No More Nasty Mask contest to raise awareness of the importance of using a CPAP machine to manage sleep apnea.

We received nearly 200 entries from people sharing their stories about their own, or their family member's experiences using a CPAP machine to get a good night's sleep.
Now the votes are in and you have selected the top three stories.
Today we reveal the Grand Prize winner of the No More Nasty Mask


The No More Nasty Mask contest


winner was a poem submitted by Toni Davis from Hawaii. Aloha!
Snore no more
My hubby uses his CPAP every night,
without it his snoring’s a fright,
he keeps his machine as clean as he can,
he happens to be a germophobic man.
He’d be so happy to win this sanitizing unit,
It certainly would be a very big hit,
He could keep his CPAP squeaky clean,
get a good sleep and have a sweet dream.
For her efforts, Toni will receive a SoClean CPAP sanitizing unit and the respect of creative writers with sleep apnea.
Using the SoClean CPAP sanitizing unit is the easy safe, and natural way to daily disinfect your CPAP. There is no need to disassemble CPAP components to sanitize it and the SoClean is specially designed to fit an array of CPAP models and masks.