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Can’t Stand Your Stinky CPAP Smell?

You’re getting ready for bed. With a yawn and a stretch, you reach for your CPAP mask and you’re about to put it on when the odor hits you – your CPAP smells.

When was the last time you cleaned your mask?

Even with regular soap and water cleaning, CPAP equipment can get really smelly. Masks in particular have plenty of places for odor to lurk. Just think about it: warm and moist, your CPAP equipment is hospitable home for mold, bacteria and viruses – which can explain why your CPAP smells like mildew. Believe it or not, the nasty smell wafting out of your CPAP mask just might be fungus. (Or… it might even be the lingering odor of what you had for dinner.)

But we aren’t trying to scare you! Actually, we’ve got good news: the SoClean unit is the solution to smelly masks and makes removing CPAP odor easy. The SoClean CPAP sanitizer utilizes activated oxygen to neutralize odors, fungus, viruses and bacteria. With regular use, the activated oxygen produced by the SoClean oxidizes odors and anything else that might be growing in the lining of your CPAP equipment. And the best part? It’s hands-free and nearly effortless.

Here at SoClean, we just wrapped up our “No More Nasty Mask!” Facebook contest. Three winners, announced last week, will be recipients of a new SoClean machine.

Even if your entry didn’t win you a new SoClean CPAP cleaner, you don’t need to keep putting up with that smelly CPAP mask!

Sounds too good to be true? Curious if it really works? We’re so sure you’ll love the SoClean, we’re backing it with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Still undecided? Check out these reviews by happy SoClean users!