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Help Wipe Out the Serious Public Health Issue, MRSA, with the New Product SoClean™ from Better Rest Solutions

Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) has become a serious health issue. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) MRSA is a type of staph bacteria that is resistant to certain antibiotics called betalactams. The resistance to treatment is where the danger of MRSA infections lies. Most MRSA infections start as skin infections but can quickly cause more severe and potentially life-threatening infections, such as bloodstream infections, surgical site infections, or pneumonia.

With over 12 million Americans diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and an estimate of millions more whom have not yet been diagnosed, the use of Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) therapy is growing exponentially. OSA is a syndrome caused by obstruction of the upper airway. In order to treat OSA, many that suffer with the syndrome utilize CPAP therapy to positively push air and pressure through a mask to help open up the airway for healthy breathing. With CPAP therapy comes the challenge of keeping the equipment properly sanitized, so as to minimize any potential exposure to MRSA and other pathogens that may be present. It is important to sanitize the mask and equipment because the end-user wears the mask daily. In order to keep the mask clean, typically the end-user has to take apart the mask and clean it, as well as clean the hose and reservoir.

Given the prevalence and seriousness of MRSA, the best approach to dealing with it is the preventative approach. This involves good hygiene practices like hand-washing and household disinfection. MRSA can also be controlled with alcohol and other related surface sanitizers. Where such substances are impractical, another approach has been gaining popularity–activated oxygen. That is where the SoClean™ sanitizing device comes into play.

Activated oxygen, also known as ozone, has been shown to be successful in safely eradicating MRSA bacteria. A report from Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology* cited one particular instance where a woman was repeatedly falling victim to MRSA infections. Although her children and her cat tested negative for MRSA, a shocking 34 per cent of the samples taken from her living area tested positive. The decision was made to treat the area in question with gaseous ozone (activated oxygen). This approach resulted in all previously infected areas now testing negatively for MRSA. It had been completely eliminated.

Better Rest Solutions’ innovative technology has brought CPAP sanitization to a whole new level with their automated SoClean device. The SoClean sanitizing device automatically completes the daily chore of sanitizing a CPAP mask, hose, and reservoir without any disassembly. It uses this activated oxygen to eliminate any mold, bacteria, and viruses it comes in contact with.
Activated oxygen is formed when a third atom of oxygen (O), is linked to the oxygen we breathe (O2), forming a new molecule (O3). This new molecule has the amazing ability to destroy organisms through oxidation. While activated oxygen is very powerful, it also has a very short half-life cycle. After being generated by the SoClean device, it reverts back into breathable oxygen in about two hour’s time.

As the SoClean unit generates activated oxygen, it's pumped directly into the humidifier reservoir through the hose and fitting that have been connected to the system. The activated oxygen passes through and sanitizes the reservoir and the water within it, it then travels through the main hose, eliminating germs as it goes. It then passes through the mask and is released into the sealed chamber that holds it. At this point, the interior and exterior of the mask is exposed to, and sanitized by the activated oxygen. Finally, the activated oxygen is released by the SoClean - but not before passing through a filter that converts it back into breathable oxygen. All activated oxygen generated by the cleaning process is safely contained within a closed system. Neither the outside environment, nor the CPAP’s delicate electronics are exposed.

“Our goal here at Better Rest Solutions is to enhance and improve the sleep experience and overall health of those with sleep disorders and the partners that are compliant to their therapy as well. If that requires innovation, we are up for the task,” said Michael Schmidt, President of Better Rest Solutions.

Moreover, he adds, “One thing I can say is that we have enjoyed hearing from our customers that there is a side benefit to using the SoClean—their improved health. We designed the device to make a tedious task easy and hoped that if people kept their equipment sanitized, they would see good results. It is exciting to hear from so many that this is the case.”

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*Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology, October 2006, Vol. 27, No. 10

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About Better Rest Solutions:
Many of the employees at Better Rest Solutions either have, or have a close family member who has obstructive sleep apnea. Their personal insight into this condition is part of the foundation that they have built their company on. They are dedicated to providing relief for OSA sufferers and are proud to be offering the SoClean as a way to get the most out of CPAP therapy. Besides the health benefits connected with using germ-free equipment, there is a peace of mind that comes from knowing that the end-user’s CPAP equipment is as safe as can be.

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