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Sleep Apnea Patients More Likely to Fail Simulated Driving Test

You might want to get that snoring checked to see if dozing off at the wheel is because you have sleep apnea.

According to a new study, people with sleep apnea were more likely to fail a driving simulation test and also reported falling asleep while driving more than people without the sleep condition.

This study was conducted by researchers from the University Hospital in Leeds and presented at the Sleep and Breathing Conference in Berlin. Researchers found that the participants with untreated sleep apnea were more likely to fail the test. Twice as many people with sleep apnea failed the test than people without the condition—24% versus 12%. Some of the participants couldn’t even finish the test, had more unprovoked crashes and had more difficulty adhering to the clear driving instructions given at the beginning of the test.

If you find yourself falling asleep behind the wheel—it is time for you to go to a sleep center and get a sleep study. Your life and the lives of others around you depend on it.


photo credit: / via photopin cc