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Snoring Can Diminish Your Sex Drive

A diminished sex drive could be due to a number of emotional, psychological, and physical reasons that range from conflicts with partner, stress, depression, sleep deprivation and many more.

But fatigue and sleep deprivation are a serious issue in the bedroom for many reasons. If you have been sleeping six hours or less, you are bound to be tired which can lead to experiencing a low sex drive. The well-known statement “I’m too tired” is legit. The sex hormone in both men and women, testosterone, can be lowered without a good night’s rest.

What can cause this sleep deprivation besides the kids and work? Sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea is a condition that causes abnormal breathing throughout the evening of “rest” which not only leads to lack of sleep and potential weight gain, but can affect that sex life of yours. One of the number one complaints about their partners is that they snore too loud. This affects both parties in bed. One can’t sleep because of the snoring and the one snoring could have the serious condition of sleep apnea and should consult a physician to get treatment.

Chronic sleep deprivation for both partners is a huge component of your sex life. Stop the snoring, re-boot the intimacy!

photo credit: bloody marty mix via photopin cc