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Your New Year's Resolution: Better Sleep

The hectic holidays have come and gone and now most people are looking forward to conquering their New Year’s resolutions for 2014. Not sure what your resolutions may be, but we think it should be getting better and healthier sleep.

Our world is filled with our devices, light pollution, working too many hours, not eating well, and of course the rampant sleep apnea millions of people face, it’s a wonder we don’t sleep well. It almost feels like it is impossible to achieve.

As the diets begin and gym memberships are bought, why wouldn't a little extra sleep be on your resolution list? That extra sleep can make all of the difference in how you feel, look, and take better care of yourself.

One way to embrace your new found sleep resolution is to lessen your device usage at least an hour before bed. Turn off the television and listen to music instead. Lower the lights and turn off those video game consoles. Step away from the computer screens. Tuck in your smartphones and tablets and enjoy a glass wine or a cup of tea without all of these distractions. Start interacting with technology in the morning and let your body rejuvenate at night.

It’s easy to say “stop smoking” but quitting now will help you to better secure a good night’s sleep. And excessive alcohol consumption may make you sleepy, but the quality of sleep is not restorative. That one glass of wine is okay, but a bottle?

Making just a few adjustments in your evening’s schedule can make a world of difference in your sleep pattern and your wellness going into this New Year. The solution is quite simple—Better Rest is the solution.

Happy New Year from all of us at Better Rest Solutions!

photo credit: thejbird via photopin cc