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Study: 50% of hypertensive pregnant women who snore have sleep apnea

pregnant womenNew research conducted by the University of Michigan and published in the British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology reveals that half of pregnant women who have hypertension and snore regularly have sleep apnea. Among hypertensive pregnant women who don’t snore, 25% have sleep apnea.

As we’ve reported previously on this blog, sleep apnea can be dangerous for pregnant women, and was recently linked with an increased risk of pregnancy-related death.

“We know that habitual snoring is linked with poor pregnancy outcomes for both mother and child, including increased risk of C-sections and smaller babies,” said University of Michigan lead study author Louise O’Brien, Ph.D., M.S., an associate professor at the school’s Sleep Disorders Center.

With this information in mind, pregnant women who snore habitually (three or more nights per week) may want to talk to their doctors about sleep apnea to ensure that they’re receiving any potential treatment they may require.

“Prompt recognition, evaluation, and management [of sleep apnea] will not only improve health benefits for both moms and babies but may also help cut the high healthcare expenses of operative deliveries, taking care of babies who are admitted to the NICU and other associated health risks,” said O’Brien.

photo credit: Gabi Butcher via photopin cc